Name servers (NS) name servers can be used both for domains registered on our website and for any other domains.
  • Servers are optimized for high loads
  • Located on cloud resources around the world
  • Protected from DDoS attacks
  • At least three servers work in different data centers at the same time
  • Updated almost instantly
  • Support IPv6 protocol
  • In order for domains to work stably, we usually use nine cloud NS servers at the same time in different countries.

If the load increases, the number of servers increases proportionally. In this case, you do not need to change anything in the domain settings - everything happens automatically.

Name servers cost
  • Free for domains served by
  • $10/year* for domains registered with other registrars

* Payment is made at the rate of NBU in hryvnia. All taxes are included in the price.

Test period 3 months
You can use the name servers for free for 3 months. This is convenient when transferring a domain: set the name servers, transfer the domain to them, and then transfer the domain to us. Your site will work during this domain transfer without interruption.

Uninterrupted hosting

The best hosting for a website. High performance, maximum reliability. Uptime 99.8%.

Domain Transfer

Transfer your domain to us - take away the administration service and a permanent 15% discount on our services.

Costless domain

Try to use our services without wasting your penny - register domain.