Name servers (NS)

Unithosting's Dual-Use Nameservers for Efficient Performance
  • Servers are optimized for high loads
  • Located on cloud resources around the world
  • Protected from DDoS attacks
  • At least three servers work in different data centers at the same time
  • Updated almost instantly
  • Support IPv6 protocol
  • In order for domains to work stably, we usually use nine cloud NS servers at the same time in different countries.

When the demand rises, the server count adjusts accordingly. There's no need to modify domain configurations; it all transpires seamlessly.

Name servers cost
  • We have excellent prices for NS.
  • You can choose any option that is beneficial for you.

* The base price is calculated in USD, and if the user selects a different currency, the application automatically recalculates the price based on the USD rate to the selected currency.

Free using of name servers
We have a free plan for name servers, so essentially everything is stated correctly. Also, utilize this information: This is convenient when transferring a domain: set the name servers, transfer the domain to them, and then transfer the domain to us. Your site will work without interruption during this domain transfer.