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What is VPS hosting?

VPS/VDS, or Virtual Dedicated Server, is essentially an intermediate step between virtual and dedicated servers. It combines the benefits of both forms and bridges the gap between virtual web hosting and owning or by renting your own server.

VPS server hosting is primarily distinguished by the type of virtualization. In fact, everything is simple - in VPS, resources are distributed thanks to KVM (container virtualization), and in VDS hosting - using OpenVZ (virtualization on the Linux OS kernel ).

Some companies share these concepts, we equate VDS hosting with VPS, because we only work with KVM-type virtualization, thanks to which each virtual server has its own isolated resources and operating system. Even if on one of the VPS servers will experience a spike in traffic or be vulnerable to a hacker attack, this will in no way affect other sites hosted on the same physical server.

What are the advantages of renting a VPS server from Uzhosts.com?

Protection against DDoS attacks

Your sites on VPS from Uzhosts.com are actively protected up to 10 Gbit / 1 million packets per second 24/7

VPS monitoring in Telegram

Check server load and remaining disk space with Telegram bot

Guaranteed resources

Thanks to the KVM container virtualization system, you are guaranteed your own isolated resources and OS


Why should you order a VPS from Uzhosts.com?

Maximum performance

The use of high-performance processors of the new generation and ultra-fast industrial disks allows you to reduce the processing of requests to databases and achieve high data transfer speeds even at maximum loads. That is why our clients occupy top positions in Google search results.

Full Software Stack

VPS hosting from Uzhosts.com offers various Linux OS distributions and control panels DirectAdmin, Control WebPanel, cPanel/WHM, Plesk, making your virtual VPS server a full-featured platform for data storage. Everything necessary for the successful operation of the resource is in one place.

Free administration

VPS rental at Uzhosts.com includes free administration of your virtual server 24/7: OS and control panel settings, optimization of server settings for the CMS you need, diagnostics of server availability and operation , virus and malware monitoring, SSL installation and site configuration for https.

Daily backups

You don't have to worry about saving your site data on a virtual server or VDS - every day after midnight we make backups of all sites on VPS servers. You can restore everything directly at any time from your personal account in billing. For all VPS hosting tariffs, backups are made free of charge.

What control panels can you use?


This is a widely used open source hosting control panel for Linux, licensed under BSD license and developed by the company ISPConfig UG.


This is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for managing sites, the ability to add SSL and automatic installation of certificates from Let's Encrypt with one button.

Popular questions about VPS hosting

How long will it take to install the server?

Usually we try to deliver the server within 1 business day, but depending on the number of orders, the installation period can take 14 days. If you have not received the server after 2 weeks from the order, you are entitled to demand a full refund from us. Reporting month (billing period) starts when the server is ready, not the time of payment. VPS (virtual servers) orders are activated within 5-15 minutes after payment.