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What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting, also known as Virtual Private Server hosting, is a powerful and flexible hosting solution that we offer. With VPS hosting, we provide two types of virtualization options to cater to different needs.

The first type is LXC (Linux containers) virtualization, specifically designed for our VPS service. LXC containers offer excellent performance and efficiency by isolating each virtual server within a shared Linux kernel. This allows for optimal resource allocation and ensures a secure and stable hosting environment.

The second type is KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization, which we use for our VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) service. KVM provides full virtualization capabilities, allowing you to have dedicated resources and complete control over your virtual server. It enables you to run different operating systems and offers greater flexibility in terms of customization and configuration. Whether you choose VPS with LXC containers or VDS with KVM, both options deliver reliable and scalable hosting solutions to meet your specific requirements.

What are the advantages of renting a VPS server from Unithosting.com?

DDoS attacks Protection

Datacenter management is responsible for handling DDoS protection measures.

VPS and Telegram

Receive Telegram notifications about everything that happens with the server. Telegram bot

Guaranteed resources

For our VPS service, we employ Proxmox virtualization.


Why should you order a VPS from Unithosting.com?

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Maximum performance

By employing cutting-edge, high-performance processors and ultra-fast industrial-grade disks, we minimize database request processing and attain exceptional data transfer speeds even under heavy workloads. This is precisely why our clients consistently rank among the top positions in Google search results.

Software Stack

Unithosting's VPS hosting provides a wide range of Linux OS distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, along with multiple control panels such as Hestia and IspConfig. These options allow you to transform your VPS server into a comprehensive platform for efficient data storage. With everything you need for successful resource operation conveniently located in one place, Unithosting ensures a seamless hosting experience.


Users have the option to purchase additional support, enabling our administrators to fulfill their specific requests. However, please note that there is no automated system in place for tasks such as diagnosis or virus monitoring. Our dedicated team will personally handle all user requirements and ensure their needs are met.


We provide automatic backups, but we do not store the backup history. This means that users can only roll back to the previous backup. However, users have the option to purchase additional backup services if they require more extensive backup capabilities.

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What control panels can you use?


This is a widely used open source hosting control panel for Linux, licensed under BSD license and developed by the company ISPConfig UG.


This is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for managing sites, the ability to add SSL and automatic installation of certificates from Let's Encrypt with one button.

Popular questions about VPS hosting

How long will it take to install the server?

Usually we try to deliver the server within 1 business day, but depending on the number of orders, the installation period can take 14 days. If you have not received the server after 2 weeks from the order, you are entitled to demand a full refund from us. Reporting month (billing period) starts when the server is ready, not the time of payment. VPS (virtual servers) orders are activated within 5-15 minutes after payment.