Partnership agreement

1.    Registration in the partnership program

Registration in the Unithosting affiliate program provides the status of a company partner. When registering in the Unithosting affiliate program, the partner agrees to the terms of this agreement and undertakes to comply with them.


The Partner undertakes to provide correct information when registering in the affiliate program. Unithosting has the right to request documents to confirm the accuracy of the data provided.


Unithosting has the right, at its sole discretion, to reject an application for registration in an affiliate program if the affiliate site does not meet the goals of the program or contains illegal information.


The purpose of partner participation in the Unithosting affiliate program is to attract customers who will use Unithosting services for at least two months. The Affiliate receives a commission for each attracted client in accordance with the terms described in this agreement, subject to the goals of the program.

2.    Using affiliate links

A Unithosting partner may use methods to attract clients that correspond to the goals of the affiliate program and do not contradict the forms specified in section 6 of this agreement.


To achieve the goals of the program, the partner uses graphic and text affiliate links. These links may contain the Unithosting name and/or logo.


The Partner is granted a limited, non-exclusive right to access and download such links and other promotional materials to promote the Unithosting services. With the consent of Unithosting, the partner may visually change the links.

3.    Sales Tracking

When a user clicks on an affiliate link, the Unithosting Affiliate Program script used logs the date and IP address from which the user accessed the page. The IP addresses are stored in a database and linked to the partner's account. When a user decides to order a service, the script uses this data to determine the partner who will receive the commission. Thanks to this database and cookies, visitors who follow an affiliate link can order the service without losing commission (if the IP address and cookies have not been deleted).

4.    Commission payment

Commissions in the Unithosting Affiliate Program are accrued in accordance with the established commission structure. Commissions are paid after checking orders made by clients, attracted partners. The Company ensures that commissions are paid out on the last day of each month, subject to the following conditions: Affiliate Program commissions are valid on the day of payment, the total amount of commissions is the equivalent of $50 or more, and the payment from each client referred by the partner is the equivalent of $20.


The partner undertakes to submit an application for the withdrawal of the accrued affiliate commission at the beginning of each calendar month, provided that the conditions for the minimum payout amount are met. In the event that the partner does not submit an application within the specified period, Unithosting reserves the right to limit the amount of the monthly payment to gr. If the accrued commission exceeds, Unithosting will pay an affiliate commission monthly within this equivalent until the full withdrawal of all funds accrued in the form of an affiliate commission. Unithosting does not transfer partner commissions to ruble bank cards.


Before withdrawing commissions, Unithosting has the right to request from the Partner documents and data to confirm the accuracy of the information provided about the Partner, as well as information about the sources from which the Partner attracts clients to achieve the goals of the Affiliate Program. If the Partner refuses to provide the specified information, he automatically refuses to participate in the Affiliate Program, and his commission is canceled.


The commission becomes valid 35 days after the payment of the invoice. The test order is not considered to be paid, therefore, payment of the invoice for the renewal of the test service is required to calculate the commission. In this case, the commission will be paid within 35 days after the payment of the invoice for the renewal of the test service. If the order is canceled within 35 days for any reason - at the request of the client, due to violation of the rules for using the service or for other reasons, the commission will be canceled.


Unithosting reserves the right to reject commissions if they have been earned on the following types of services:


  • The client, attracted by the partner, paid more than 25% of the amount from the balance of Unithosting in the form of bonus funds.
  • The client, attracted by the partner, received a discount.
  • The commission is charged on services with a reduced cost.

Unithosting reserves the right to expand this list at its sole discretion.

Unithosting may, at its sole discretion, extend the commission activation period.

5.    Partner Responsibilities

The Partner, by attracting current and potential customers and/or visitors in accordance with this Agreement, undertakes to comply with international law, including the rules governing advertising and electronic correspondence.


The Partner undertakes to request monthly withdrawal of funds in accordance with the procedure established in section 4 of this Agreement.


Unithosting reserves the right to accept or reject any application for participation in the Affiliate Program or the payment of an affiliate commission.


The Company undertakes to charge the Partner a commission for attracting buyers who purchase Unithosting services through an affiliate link, in accordance with the payment procedure described in section 4 of this Agreement.


Either party to the Agreement may terminate it at any time. Affiliate commission is accrued only if at the time of accrual the Partner is a party to this Agreement.

6.    Violation of the conditions of the Affiliate Program

In accordance with the terms of the Unithosting Affiliate Program, the following actions are prohibited:

  • Registration of the same person as an Affiliate and a referral of that Affiliate.
  • Violation of intellectual property rights.
  • False advertising, including false claims and links that may mislead customers.
  • Illegal mailing, including spam and bulk email.
  • Advertising on sites containing content prohibited by international law.
  • The use of contextual advertising in Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct and other advertising platforms that directs traffic to the website of the Unithosting company, as well as the use of key phrases containing the word Unithosting and its derivatives.
  • Using methods that are contrary to the law and the terms of the Agreement.
  • Forgery of an order by entering incorrect, non-existent or someone else's data without the consent of their owner.
  • Use of technologies and methods of cookie stuffing (cookie dropping). It is forbidden to use scripts that set cookies on sites that the visitor has not visited. It is forbidden to replace, modify or delete the user's cookies with other files that do not belong to the sites viewed by the user. Enables the use of popups, iframes, and cookie spoofing when inserting a third-party page address as an image on an existing site.
  • Registration and use of domains or accounts in social networks, forums and other online resources with names similar to the Unithosting domain, as well as maintaining pages on these resources on behalf of Unithosting.
  • Providing false information about Unithosting and misleading users.
  • Use of automatic redirects, pop-ups and other intrusive forms of advertising such as PopUp, PopUnder, ClickUnder, Toolbar, Push notifications, Web push notifications, etc.
  • The promise of rewarding customers for ordering a service in the form of a cashback, a refund of part of the funds, or a fixed bonus.
  • Using doorways to drive traffic.
  • Placement of affiliate links on sites with coupons.
  • Fraudulent activities.


In the event of any of the above violations, Unithosting has the right to block the Partner's account and cancel the accrued or pending commission. After the account is blocked, it is forbidden to create a new account.


7.    Term of the Agreement. Changing the terms of the Agreement

The terms of this Agreement come into force from the moment of registration in the Affiliate Program and terminate upon cancellation of the Partner's account.


Unithosting has the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time. The changes come into force from the moment the new version of the Agreement is published. If the Partner does not plan to terminate this Agreement after its change, he is considered to have agreed with the changes made.

8.    Disclaimer

Unithosting is not responsible for consequential damages, lost profits or commissions associated with failures in the sales tracking system, loss of database files, or any consequences of the actions of the program or site. Moreover, the total liability arising from this Agreement may not exceed the total amount of commission paid or payable to the Affiliate in accordance with this Agreement.

9.    Denial of responsibility

Unithosting makes no express or implied warranties or representations regarding the affiliate program and services. The client brought by the Partner to the company is served on an equal basis with other clients of the company and has the same rights and obligations as the rest of the Customers. Unithosting does not guarantee uninterrupted provision of the Affiliate Program as a service. In addition, the Company is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of this program.


Unithosting cannot be held liable for the consequences of any error in running the Program, including but not limited to human error.